The Infinity Power Shower

The sun beats down on the tiled floor of the veranda, one display of invisibly clean glass protects the cascade of shower water in the gentle honeyed breeze. Bronzed bodies fresh from the sand and salt enjoy the open-air shower, the glistening water snakes across the tiles and trickles away into the ground level gully.

The Landon Wet Room has always conjured images of luxury, design, distance and prosperity. The fantasy bathroom everyone will have when the major lottery win occurs or their daughter makes it big in the music business. However, what most people do not realise is that the fact of this wet-room is now within everyone’s reach because of huge advances in the technology of wet floor systems, the rising skill of the British bathroom fitter, beautifully designed products and most of all new ways that we look at what a toilet should be.

Many people’s first thought is “I just don’t have the space”, but the wet-room notion is all about bathroom freedom as opposed to bathroom space. Implementing a concise and smart bathroom program will open up your toilet in ways you never thought possible. By way of instance, water conservation and rising energy bills have sparked a decrease in the number of baths being installed and used, and even estate agents are not insistent on a tub to help market a property anymore. As a result of this the wet floor notion has started to occupy the space in a bathroom where the tub was.

The wet floor system is a totally watertight seal which sits level with the present floor, it may come in the form of a tray, a kit or elastic matting, typically a combination of the three. Since the area is so elastic the wet floor can be any size required, giving you the freedom to get anywhere from only the corner of your room, to the whole floor area completely waterproofed. Anti-slip tiles are then laid with just enough of a slope to make sure that all of the water flows towards the drain and in essence that is it. From that point on there are no constraints and the business are filled with great products to make your ideal wet-room.

A glass display is seamlessly mounted directly onto the ground, the screen functions as a barrier keeping any spray or puddles in just the area you desire. Not only can it be stunning to look

at but completely functional, no hinges, runners, or mechanics to accumulate scale and soil, or to break over time. Not only giving you the freedom of movement on your toilet but also the freedom to do something aside from scrubbing the lime scale!

Wall-hung bathroom accessories are the best choice to compliment a wet floor area as no portion of the ceramic is in contact with the ground, more about wet rooms.

Today there’s so much to pick from to create your space something really spectacular including wall tiles, floor tiles, watertight panelling (wall dressing), Chroma therapy lighting, underfloor heating, towel radiators, shower systems, remote controlled choices, accessories as well as water proof televisions! So, in case you want real freedom in your toilet there has never been a better time to do it!

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