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Welcome to Our Nightmare

Although the doors may have been hidden from plain sight, rest assured, they are there. As they creak open, the wrath of the Asylum springs forth for all to experience. Come be part of the mayhem at Proulx Farm in Cumberland near Innes and O'Toole Rd. You just might escape the insanity.

The sKreaming never ends!

Did you know that if you can't visit all three parts of the Asylum in one night that you can keep your entry tokens and return another night to complete your adventure at no additional cost?

AND... If you can only make it out for one night, then we recommend you arrive as early as possible (the creeping starts at 6:30pm!) so that you may enjoy all that the Asylum has to offer.

sKreamers is home to the OAI

Once the Kiwanis Club of Orleans discovered the sealed doors to the long forgotten Orleans Asylum for the Insane (OAI), the place went crazy! The Asylum has secretly been operating at Proulx Berry Farm under the most precarious of situations. The inmates had imprisoned all the administrative staff and were contemplating escape. Foiled by the Gatekeeper, they have become somewhat comfortable in their home knowing willing victims are flocking to see them...

See how this all began

Meet our most infamous Inmates

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Proulx Berry Farm (our hosts)

Address: 1865 O'Toole Road, Cumberland